How to use Annual Holidays for fun and creative Marketing

Sometimes when we get stuck with our social media its because we don’t know what to communicate. We know we should be posting more often, but what should those posts be about? We don’t want to talk about our own products, well not all the time.

So here is a marketing tip. Use the Annual Holidays to find a creative topic to talk about. It could be Trivia Day in January – a good excuse to write a blog post about little known facts about your industry. How about End Procrastination Day in September? This could be a time to encourage people to take action on important decisions in their lives, that relate to your topic.

This ebook is for you. It is fun and inspirational and full of ideas to play around with. Not all of our posts need to be serious.

The “How to use Annual Holidays for Fun and Creative Marketing” ebook is for you, with my compliments.

Have fun. ~ Charlotte

How to use Annual Holidays for Fun and Creative Marketing

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