Selling for the Small Business Entrepreneur

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Selling for the Small Business Entrepreneur

You run a small business, perhaps a service like pest control or secretarial services, maybe you have a shop selling carpets or stationary, perhaps you have a medium sized office providing accounting services, or selling printers. Whatever business you are in you need to be able to sell your products or services.
The challenge for entrepreneurs and small business owners is that they often have the essential skills to do the work, but fail in the very essential skills of selling their work.

This training just about selling. We do not cover marketing your business, advertising or financial control. We just look in detail at what it takes to sell in a small business environment.

“Nothing happens in business until someone sells something.” Charles Handy

Selling for the Small Business Entretreneur 4 Discs

Selling skills are arguably the most important part of the business. Perhaps I should rephrase that, “Good selling skills are the most important part of the business”.  A bad sales person can bring a business down just as quickly as a good sales person can build it up. This training is all about helping you become a good sales person.

The on-line training, DVD set and one day training course is broken down into 16 modules as follows:

Course Content

1 – What is Selling?
At the beginning we discovered that selling is not about shifting product but about keeping customers coming back over and over again.

2 – Life Time Value
We have to treat our customers for their Life Time Value and then they become life time customers and encourage their friends to do the same.

3 – Cold Calling
Convert Cold Calling to Warm Calling by finding out as much information as you can in advance of the call.

4 – Referrals & Networking
Referrals are the best way to grow your business. Don’t wait for referrals to come to you, ask for them.

5 – Social Media
Selling is all about forming relationships and so is social media.

6 – Keeping Customers
Once you have a new customer you keep them by making close personal friends with them

7 – Creating the right impression
You have just 4 minutes at the beginning of a meeting to create the right impression. Make sure you make them count.

8 – Body Language 1
Your Body Language is talking for you all the time, make sure it is saying the right things9 –

9 – Body Language 2
Remember ESP!
E = Get Eye Contact.   S = Smile.   P = Show the palms of your hands.

10 – Features Needs & Benefits
In selling we never sell features, we only sell benefits. A benefit is a feature that the customer needs.

Richard Mulvey Key Note Speaker

11 – The Sales Conversation
The point of the sales conversation is to uncover the customer’s needs. To do that we use Open Questions. Once we have uncovered the need we will confirm the need using a closed question and then give the customer confidence that we can fix his problem with a support statement. Finally we will offer our benefit and get agreement that our solution has solved his problem.

12 – Buying Decisions
Buying decisions are always made emotionally

13 – Price
Price is never the first thing the customer thinks about. If the product or service does not work for the customer, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is. The customer cares about value, not price.

14 – Quotations vs. Proposals
Focus on your customer’s problem and your solution rather than simply selling what you have.

15 – Closing the Sale
Always ask for the business. If you don’t close you are working for the opposition.

16 – Summary
Now that you are at the end make a list of the key issues you have learnt and start applying them. Come back to this course over and over again to learn new things to grow your business

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