Practical Sales Management

About the Course

Practical Selling Skills White ImageManaging a sales team is different to the usual management challenges. Good sales people are often not good employees and sometimes allowances have to be made if we are to close more sales. Every challenge is different. Sometimes we need to employ “Farmers” to develop relationships and grow the customer base. Other times we need the “Hunters” who love to close but don’t have the staying power to farm. Some sales people have to be strictly controlled and others do well with no control at all. Good sales managers are aware of the difference and the need to manage these people differently.

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Not only do we need to manage and motivate our people carefully but we also have to be able to develop sustainable sales strategies, control the technology around us, manage the areas the team work in and actively participate if the sale is a big one.

The Practical Sales Managers Course has been developed by Richard Mulvey to cover the essentials of first class sales management. This two-day course is designed for Sales Managers, Sales Directors and any manager who has sales people reporting to them and will arm each delegate with the tools required to manage a great sales team.

What is Provided

  1. 1. A workbook with comprehensive notes
  2. 2. 4 weeks of follow up emails specifically       pertaining to this course material
  3. 3. Course attendance certificate
  4. 4. Lunch and refreshments

Course Outline

  1. 1. Employing the right people and developing a team
  2. 2. Interviewing techniques
  3. 3. The Hunters, The Farmers and the Farmer’s wife
  4. 4. Commissions and incentives
  5. 5. Planning, organizing and controlling the sales team
  6. 6. Developing a vision for the sales team
  7. 7. Motivating your sales people
  8. 8. Managing Change
  9. 9. Developing sales strategies
  10. 10. Using technology to improve sales
  11. 11. Setting Goals together
  12. 12. Forecasting
  13. 13. Managing Performance and Measuring Results
  14. 14. Coaching and Mentoring

The course is designed to be highly interactive. There will be sales managers for many different industries on each course so we will all be able to learn how others solve sales problems and motivate sales teams. To ensure that there will be time for everybody to contribute we will limit the number of people on the course to fifteen.

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About the Presenter

Richard Mulvey is South Africa’s leading Sales Motivator and over the last 22 years has inspired over 200,000 business people to better performance. Using knowledge gained from his 20 years experience as a sales person all the way to Sales Director together with ‘up to date’ sales techniques, Richard is able to up skill any group of sales people and inspire them to use the skills.

Richard is also president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honour that is held by only 9 South Africans including Clem Sunter, Michael Mol and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


The benefit of providing for an in-house course for Practical Selling Skills is that you will be able to have the session focus on your business and industry, have valuable conversations and make decisions within your team and allocate and obtain agreement in a group session.


Excellent Course. Richard is sensitive and filled with fun, he has really good content that is very practical. – Dr. Alan Tomlinson, Chairman, Regal Nutrients (Pty) Ltd.

The whole two days were very informative and interesting. The information obtained was very valuable and I will try to use this in my daily working and private life. The presentation was interactive and entertaining, thank you very much Richard. – Michael O’Reilly, Technical Sales Manager, Multitrade Distributors

The course was a good review of sales and marketing theories and focus on the practical aspects of business. It was good value and I will share the skills with my sales team. – Elijah Chimbongwe, Sales Manager, Macmillan Publishers

The presentation was very informative and I could easily relate it to my daily work. There was never a dull moment, it was well organised and it was easy to follow. – Mooba Ngnghimunya, Assistant Manager, Investrust Bank PLC

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