I’m Not Afraid of the ‘F’ word

I'm Not Afraid of the 'F' word

50 Lessons learned on the way to Business Failure

About the book

In 2009 Charlotte experienced something that thousands of South Africans experience every year; she suffered a business loss.  Many of the factors that caused the loss were beyond her control, but there were certainly things that she could have done to mitigate the consequences of those events had she been more experienced or if she had the counsel of advisors.  Instead, in her own words, “Being inexperienced, naïve and fairly arrogant, I allowed the situation to continue too long until there was no chance for my small business to be redeemed or rescued and people had to be retrenched, a store had to be closed down, accounts had to remain unpaid and I personally had to go under debt review.”

Charlotte’s experience is not uncommon, but she has shared it candidly in her book called “I’m not Afraid of the ‘F’ Word.  50 Lessons Learned on the Way to Business Failure”.  The book, and the talks that she presents are intended to start a conversation to allow South African business owners and those funding them, to consider what it is that we do wrong that allows so many small business owners to fail so easily.

If we can find ways to assist small businesses earlier, come along side them with practical help in a way that does not restrict their entrepreneurial flair for independence, then we could be able to keep more businesses open, more people employed, more store fronts open and allow business confidence to improve.

About the author

Charlotte Kemp Profile

Charlotte Kemp is a professional speaker, futurist, a member the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and past Secretary to the Global Speakers Federation.

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