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Author Contribution – Time Management by Richard Mulvey

Richard Mulvey brings us ‘Time Management’, a book that everybody needs to read in order to lead their lives effectively. An easy to read book with constant moments of ‘ahhh, I know that feeling’, because let’s face it time management is something most of us battle with. He hit the nail on the head when he tells the story of a man at work whose boss asks him whether he has finished his report. The man in question replies to say he has not finished because the time just went too fast with all the other million things he had to do in the day. His boss responds by asking him exactly what he did with the day that made him unable to hand in his report. Suddenly the man cannot think of anything, his mind goes blank and instead he answers, ‘I have no idea where the time has gone’.   We can certainly all relate to this truthful statement. Time flies and before you know it the day has ended and you haven’t gotten half of the things done that you wanted to. This is quite simply poor time management skills. Or as Richard points out, the Right Brain winning over the Left Brain. What comes so naturally to some people (the left brained individuals), others will struggle with (the right brained ones). This does not mean that you cannot change it though, it’s just all about figuring out how and putting in the time and effort to do so. Us right brained creatives sometimes just need to figure out when and where to put our natural instincts aside in place for moments of proper left brained management. Richard Time Management Richard MulveyMulvey tells you how in this fantastic book, which he has written as a testament to prove that it really does work. After all, here is a man just like us who battled with this very issue, and now he is the one showing us how. For more valuable insights I definitely suggest getting your hands on the full book. His ebook is available from Smashwords for any electronic reader. Or you can order the hard copy from Perception Business Skills directly at R65 + R25 P&P. Please email Perception here. (Book review by Christine Barnard)        

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