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Author Contribution – Handling Objections – Richard Mulvey

At last! A book that really teaches you the fundamental rules about selling. ‘Handling Objections –Closing the Sale’ is a very honest and comprehensive book by Richard Mulvey who helps us with the one thing that most of us battle to get right in our business. Rather than shy away from objections he takes us through the essence of the problem and shows us how to turn it from a no to a yes. Most importantly, however, he also shows us when a red flag has been raised and when the only right thing to do is to back away before more time and effort is wasted on the wrong customer. Knowing who to sell to is just as important as knowing how to sell.   This book was very easy to read and I found myself thinking back to many situations of my own in the past where someone put forward an objection and I either over-sold too quickly or backed away unnecessarily. Taking us through the four step approach Mulvey helps us to assess and handle these objections, by hearing the whole objection, clarifying the objection, providing a solution and lastly checking to see if the customer agrees and to move on.   This is a step by step guide which has definitely given me a lot more confidence when it comes to marketing my own business. I found myself going back to it a few times when faced with a difficult client or situation and by following the guidelines I was able to rectify the situation and turn it into something positive. It teaches you a valuable lesson in patience and also helps you to see the customer as a person and not an object. As Mulvey states, ‘Sales is helping the customer to buy. Sales is not conning people, it’s helping people’. By dealing with these objections and closing the sale with positivity you’ll find your business growing exponentially. For more valuable insights I definitely suggest getting your hands on the full book. (Book review by Christine Barnard)   Handling Objections, Closing the sale is available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback and on Smashwords, in all the major electronic book reader formats.          

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