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Why LinkedIn?



Why LinkedIn?

We have just made a rather momentous decision here at Niche Training. I have often quite happily stated in my training courses, that I would give up all other social media, if I had to, if I could keep only the blog on my website and LinkedIn.

To prove this point, we have just changed our public course offering here, and now we only offer LinkedIn training and no longer will present public courses in the other social media training courses that we have been offering for the past few years.

Why? Why reduce a product range and why focus on LinkedIn?

Well because with the types of clients I normally deal with, corporates, financial services and recruitment firms, LinkedIn makes the most sense.

It is more professional, more respected and more intentionally designed for business use than the other social media platforms, most of which were designed for personal use and then repurposed for business.

On LinkedIn, you arrive with a virtual suit and tie, ready to exchange ideas, build networks and do business.

You can reach decision makes and audiences that you could never otherwise achieve on other platforms.

With normal advertising and marketing, it is next to impossible to point to a specific pull up banner or Facebook post and value it in terms of ROI. But on LinkedIn I can point to specific Recommendations, and outline specific actions and tell you (should I care to reveal it) exactly how much I earned from those actions on this platform.

For my business, LinkedIn has given me the best return of my investment of time and attention, and I am still on the free account!

I will admit to a little nostalgia, already even. Last week’s public Social Media for Business course was hugely successful and a great deal of fun.

But I am committed to doing the best work in the space that I operate in, which means that a focus on LinkedIn will be a better use of my energy than trying to keep up with all the other developments within social media.

To this end, we have a separate site dedicated to the subject. Please visit for articles, tips, best practice and other news about how LinkedIn can work for your business, your brand or your personal professional interests.

And please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. You can find my profile here. Let me know what you do and how you feel about LinkedIn. I would love to hear from you.

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