Blog Post Tip – Get Subscribers with QR Codes

Tip – Get Subscribers with QR Codes



Tip – Get Subscribers with QR Codes

QR codes are a fun gimmick that may or may not get better traction with more users.

A Quick Response (QR) code is read via an app on your mobile phones, such as QR Reader or i-nigma, and using the phones’ camera. The QR code takes a viewer to an online page, or generates some other action, such as uploading your own contact details to the user’s smartphone.

With free software to set up and read, QR codes are so easy to use. They can be created to send a viewer to a landing page, to view a YouTube video, to see a SlideShow presentation, to reach a landing page to sign up for a newsletter, or to send an SMS or email to yourself so that you can follow up.

Ideally QR codes are used on offline items such as brochures, business cards, marketing collateral, on a screen in a presentation at a conference, on packaging, temporary tattoos, buttons, stickers or even a t-shirt.

Give a hint about what a person can expect to see if they scan the code – don’t just assume that a QR code by itself is exciting enough for someone to whip out their phone and scan it.

QR codes can also be edited slighted without losing their integrity. You can change the colour, put an image in the background, incorporate your company logo – all to make it look more engaging.pac man QR code

The example of the business card here shows two things: a QR code on a business card allows someone to save your details to their phone exceptionally easily. And secondly, he has his logo in the background of the code without it in any way distracting from the code. As long as the 3 square corners are visible, and more than 70% of the code is unchanged, then it will still work.

QR codes can be used for many things – here is an example of using them for gifting.

But we are trying to get new subscribers, so let’s think how to apply these codes to that purpose.

When talking about your product or service in public, you may encounter someone who is interested enough to want to know more, but not necessarily ready to buy. This is a perfect opportunity for that person to subscribe to your newsletter to learn more. Have a QR code that directs a person to your landing page where they can enter as little information as possible to get started – ideally just a name and an email address. Anything more than that is difficult on a phone. This QR code could be on your business card (properly labeled so someone knows what they are scanning for), or it could be on a flyer, packaging, a button you are wearing, or on a presentation screen, or how about on special skin for your own phone, or even as an image on your phone that someone else could scan.

Even if QR codes don’t go the distance, there will be other ways to connect people offline with online content. Find those ways and integrate them into your marketing.



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