Blog Post Tip – Use your Unsubscribe option well

Tip – Use your Unsubscribe option well



Tip – Use your Unsubscribe option well

We glibly unsubscribe from email lists that we find ourselves on, without malice and only with the intention of bringing our inbox under control. And yet when someone unsubscribes from our list, we spend anxious energy trying to work out where we went wrong, if we offended them, or what they have herd to make them not want to have anything to do with us anymore.

The truth is, your solution is not for everybody. Not everyone needs what you have; not everyone can afford you; there are some clients that your competition deserves. And the sooner we accept that, the better we can focus on our real clients that want to engage with us.

When we think this way, then the numbers on our database become less about the size of the number and more about the relationship that is developing and the value that we can bring to our follows and clients.

So when someone unsubscribes, realize that you are keeping your list clean, which is great, and spending more time focusing on the real clients.

But sometimes a person wants to protect themselves from too many emails but still wants to be in contact with you. They want to ‘bookmark’ you to come back to your offering at a later stage, but they know that the can do nothing with your information at this stage.

So don’t just give a sulky “You have been removed from our database” message on the unsubscribe page. Provide options.

Your landing page for unsubscribes should show a list of other places where the user could follow you instead. Being a Twitter follower is less bothersome than being an email subscriber.

If you have done your job with cross pollinating your lists, then you should have most of your subscribers following you on both email as well as some other platform. IN that case, it matters less when they leave the email list.

Sophisticated email programs will allow you to update preferences as well. For example, a user can go from a once a week email to once a month digest.

And the addition of humour will leave your subscriber feeling positive about you instead of disappointed.

This example from Hubspot is my favourite. Of course I have never seen it for real, as I have never unsubscribed from them. But the funny approach to the users decision entertains us and leave an impression of a professional and non-serious company, totally congruent with their brand.

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