Blog Post Tip – Create offers for different parts of the buying cycle

Tip – Create offers for different parts of the buying cycle



Tip – Create offers for different parts of the buying cycle

We know that modern consumers do a great deal of their research online, long before they ever let a sales person know that they are interested in a product or service. We would serve our company sales team well by ensuring that we prepare sufficient content for online consumption for the consumer, long before it is needed. And we would do well to understand that a potential client can be at different parts of the sales cycle, and to prepare the sorts of information that they might need at those different time. Traditionally, we think of a sales cycle as starting with some form of Change. Circumstances, resources, staffing, market all change. And when it does, the client company realize that they have a Need. They then Investigate – consider their options, and start to look for what is available. Only then do they contact a short list of potential suppliers and now they are in direct contact with you. Then you need to Satisfy their Needs, Install the product or service, and do good follow up service, until such time as they have a Change of circumstance again. The Hubspot graphic shows a segment of that cycle, by looking at the steps they have called: Awareness, Research, Comparison and Purchase. And they suggest various forms of content that you can create for the different stages, including blog posts, updates, webinars, ebooks, industry reports, case studies, demos, testimonials, and detailed product info. Each of those steps and each of those resources are good ways to create valuable content that will be found by a potential client at some point on their way through a sales cycle. Even if you are terribly pessimistic and assume that your idea client has already taken delivery of a product that serves their needs, you must bear in mind that their circumstances will change. They may no longer be satisfied with your competitor. The staff member who deals with the product may leave the company, allowing for a new relationship with yourself and a new representative of your idea client. They may be growing, or contracting, and require a different service. Which means that the blog posts, newsletters, ebooks and demos that you have available, will be bookmarked as they start to become Aware of their need and do Research. Link every piece of content with an opportunity to subscribe to your database, and you will have a steady flow of new members to your database. (Please use the Hubspot graphic. SMCC buying cycle.)

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