Blog Post Tip – Add subscription options to the end of other media

Tip – Add subscription options to the end of other media



Tip – Add subscription options to the end of other media

We have already talked about creating an obvious sign up option on a landing page (Tip #10, Tip #20) and the use of a pop up box on your website, but there are other places besides your social media links, where you could be inviting people to sign up to your newsletter and get names for your database.

If you set up an event on Facebook, include the sign up option in the event description. Someone may be interested in the event but be unable to attend on that date. Your invitation to your database will be received well because of the current interest in your offering.

If you host a webinar, invite people to subscribe at the end of that. Again, they have just participated in something of value to them, and will be well disposed to signing up for more value of the same kind.

Ebooks, posters, white papers, infographics and downloadable cheat sheets are good places for someone to be invited to join your list. You are freely offering value and they may want more.

Create images with pithy sound bites from your content that can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter or pinned to Pinterest. Provide a link to an easily findable website url where the landing page will be for the newsletter

One of your last slides on a SlideShare presentation can be a hyperlink to your newsletter site.

The check out emails on your webstore can include an option to sign up to the newsletter.

To really offer value with these events, don’t just stop at the automatic offering of an option to sign up to a newsletter. Be in touch with the people who have downloaded the item or attended the webinar and give them a more personal invitation to connect with you. “Be in touch” means an actual direct email or even a phone call if you have that data. Offer them links to not just the newsletter but also your social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Avoid putting people onto your newsletter automatically when they download something. That is often seen as manipulative and not in the spirit of the offering you have given. But a clear invitation is more positively received.

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