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Social Media Day 2016



Social Media Day 2016

Way back in 2010, a great social media and CRM system company, Hubspot, came up with the concept of Social Media Day. It is celebrated on the 30th June each year and highlights the very rapid growth and adoption of social media in our culture.

Since we talk a great deal about social media, and in particular LinkedIn, at Niche Training, we thought that we would take advantage of this day to highlight another great adoption of our modern world – online purchases. sharks Personally, I remember back in 2006, buying a bunch of Christmas gifts from online stores.  My family are all Sharks supporters (the KZN rugby team) but we were living in Blue Bulls country at the time. When the family arrived for Christmas and received Sharks gifts, which I had bought online, I was pretty much the hero of the moment. It wasn’t nearly as automated then as it is now, but it was fun. And now my children turn to online stores for every day purchases before they would contemplate time in a shopping mall. Niche Training has a sister site, Professional Resources, were we list all the products that have been created in the long career of Richard Mulvey, and added to by myself and colleagues from the Power Series seminars. On this site you can find books and DVDs and the related electronic versions – downloadable video, audio files and ebooks. Some of the titles include Richard’s “Influence – How to build a speaking career”, “The Will to Win“, “You Only have 4 Minutes” as well as my book “I’m Not Afraid of the F Word”. social media day discount For the rest of this week, in celebration of Social Media Day, we are giving away a discount of 50% off the purchase of almost every product in the store. Please feel free to have a look around, and purchase a product or two. Save Save Save

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