Our Environmental Policy

We love our planet, but we also need to get around to our clients.  While doing the best we can, and until alternative solutions come along, we still need to drive, fly, print and use electricity.

As part of our business focus is on social media, we try to demonstrate how much interaction can be done online and over the internet.  We make use of Skype and we interview and coach many clients through this medium.  Our Skype addresses are on the Contact page.  We also use PDF and email documents, and send and receive invoices by email rather than print and post.

However there are occasions that necessitate being in front of clients or travelling. So we are using the wonderful services of Food and Trees for Africa, whose premise is “Reduce and where you can’t, then offset with buying trees.”

They have an interactive CO2 calculator where you can enter your flights, car mileage, and paper and electricity usage and come up with your consumption for the year and offset that with the number of trees that your business or home would need to plant in order to bring it back to balance.  Each tree costs R120 to plant and maintain.

We challenge other companies to embrace this initiative too.   After all, we haven’t found another good planet yet.

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