Blog Post Where do new customers come from?

Where do new customers come from?



Where do new customers come from?

When I ask people “How do you get new customers?” at my seminars,  referrals always comes on the list somewhere near the top with advertising and cold calling. If I was to ask a direct question like “How many referred customers have you got this week?” There is always a long silence. One or two people may come up with one or two referred customers but  from an audience of 100 or more that is not enough.

We all talk about getting referred business from our existing customers but we are not all good at doing it.

How many referred customers have you got this week?

Every one of your customers knows someone else you could be doing business with.

Consider this. If you were able to get a referred lead from every one of your customers, that would double the number of customers you could get face to face with. Your strike rate will remain the same so that doubles the number of closed sales you make, overnight!

Have you asked “the question”?

Every time you leave a customer you should always ask “the question”.

The question comes in a number of formats but put in it’s simplest terms it is the question that will encourage your customer to give you the names of a couple of friends or colleagues who your customer believes would like to do business with your company.

“Just before I go Fred, do you know of anybody who could be benefiting from the fine products we are delivering to your organisation. (Then try and jog his memory). Perhaps one of the other local businesses, a colleague, somebody in your golf club… etc.”

Your customers should get used to you asking this question or one very like it. Your regular customers may even be waiting for it, armed with a name that they thought up since your last meeting. You can even make a game of it if you like.

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