Micro Learning

Micro learning

by Richard Mulvey

Revolutionising soft skills training

There is a new style of corporate training that will revolutionise the way we look at skills development.
Traditional short course training has always been problematic for a number of reasons:

• Delegates have to take time away from their workplace
• Delegates can only learn and retain so much information
• It is hard to make sure that the delegates apply the skills learnt
• Delegates often have no opportunity to practise what they have learnt before it is forgotten
• Delegates will often leave the training course with a thick folder of close typed notes that they will never read
• Training is rarely measured by what employees actually apply
• Training is expensive

These problems are unacceptable and yet there is a growing need for in-depth training and skills development.

Micro-Learning is the solution

With Micro Learning skills development each delegate will receive a link to a video training clip lasting between 3 to 5 minutes in their email on Tuesday and Thursday morning. During the week they will have the opportunity of applying the skill to make sure it sticks before the next video training clips arrive the following week. The skills they learn will then be briefly reviewed by their supervisor on the Friday or Monday meeting. Each Micro Learning course runs for 52 weeks with 104 video clips.

In addition to the delegate training video clips there is an option to have the manager’s video which arrives weekly in advance of the delegate training with advice on how to ensure that the team learns and applies the skills. A workbook is also available for each delegate to take notes and answer simple questions to make sure the videos have been watched and understood.


The advantages of this style of training include the following:

• There is no loss of time out from the workplace
• Delegates only have to learn one skill at a time
• There is time to apply and practice the skills learnt
• The supervisor or manager can easily monitor the application of the skills
• Notes are available in a small workbook they fill out themselves
• Training results can easily be measured in improved performance

The best news is that while Micro Learning solutions are very effective they are also very cost effective. The investment for the complete one year course is on a scale depending on the number of delegates and managers who take part and it can be as low as R100 per delegate per month.

Micro-learning solutions are also specific to the skills required and the following courses are available:

Sales Update Retail – 1 Year
Sales Update for Sales Reps – 1 Year
Sales Update for Internal Sales – 1 Year
Sales Management Update – 1 Year


The course is informative, motivating and entertaining at the same time. As a company, we will be definitely implementing these principals for our sales staff. Thank you.

Nicholas Queisser, Managing Director

This course is well worth doing, as I refreshed my selling approach and learnt new skills and tips to improve myself, which will help with my sales budgets. It is a good thing that the course was done on a daily basis, as this enabled me to practice in stages. Mr Mulvey’s presentations are very professional, and I definitely benefited by attending.

Arnold Niewoudt
RBF Technology

They are dynamic practical and very useable. We are always excited and motivated with the possibility of new ways to increase sales and service.

Sandi McCormick


There are three packages to choose from, with a sliding scale depending on your number of sales staff. To see more, please view the Micro Learning Investment page.

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