Micro Learning

Revolutionising soft skills training

There is a new style of corporate training that will revolutionise the way we look at skills development.

Traditional short course training has always been problematic for a number of reasons:

• Delegates have to take time away from their workplace
• Delegates can only learn and retain so much information
• It is hard to make sure that the delegates apply the skills learnt
• Delegates often have no opportunity to practise what they have learnt before it is forgotten
• Delegates will often leave the training course with a thick folder of close typed notes that they will never read
• Training is rarely measured by what employees actually apply
• Training is expensive

These problems are unacceptable and yet there is a growing need for in-depth training and skills development.

Micro-Learning is the solution

With Micro Learning skills development each delegate will receive a link to a video training programme lasting between 3 to 5 minutes in their email on Tuesday and Thursday morning. During the week they will have the opportunity of applying the skill to make sure it sticks before the next videos arrive the following week. The skills they learn will then be briefly reviewed by their supervisor on the Friday or Monday meeting. Most Micro Learning courses run for 52 weeks with 104 videos, but we also have shorter courses that run for 26 or 13 weeks as well

In addition to the delegate training videos there is an option to have the manager’s video which arrives weekly in advance of the delegate training with advice on how to ensure that the team learns and applies the skills. A workbook is also available for each delegate to take notes and answer simple questions to make sure the videos have been watched and understood.

The advantages of this style of training include the following:

  • – There is no loss of time out from the workplace
  • – Training can be viewed on any smart phone, tablet or laptop
  • – Delegates only have to learn one skill at a time
  • – There is time to apply and practice the skills learnt
  • – The supervisor or manager can easily monitor the application of the skills
  • – Notes are available in a small workbook they fill out themselves
  • – Training results can easily be measured in improved performance

The best news is that while Micro Learning solutions are very effective they are also very cost effective. The investment for the complete course is on a scale depending on the number of delegates and managers who take part and it can be as low as R100 per delegate per month. In the case of a 13 week course, the total paid per delegate could be as low as R325. There is no other way to effectively train your team with such a low investment.

The Programme

The Micro Learning programme is available for any number of delegates from 6 to 6,000 and the investment required is variable depending on the package you choose and the number of delegates who would like to attend. There is a minimum number of 6 delegates for this training as the best results are achieved when the training videos are discussed with the team and monitored by the supervisor or manager.


The silver package includes two videos delivered to the inbox of each delegate on Tuesday and Thursday morning. It is essential that the supervisor is also enrolled as a delegate so that they can monitor the progress and raise the issues at the weekly meetings.


The gold package includes the weekly videos for the delegates and the supervisor as well as an additional weekly video for the supervisor explaining how best to monitor and motivate the team to apply the skills learnt during the week. The gold package also includes a workbook for each delegate which outlines the content of each training video for 52, 26 or 13 weeks and leaves plenty of space for the delegate to take notes and answer questions. These workbooks can be used to ensure that the delegates are watching the videos and applying the skills.


The platinum package includes the training video for each delegate, the manager’s weekly video and the workbook and also includes a monthly group manager’s Skype call with Richard Mulvey to discuss the delegates progress and define ways in which the skills can be better applied. It is presumed in this package that there will be one supervisor for every 6 delegates.

To enhance the programme and really make sure that the skills are working for your team, in the platinum programme there is also an option for each group of managers to have a 20 minute Skype call with Richard Mulvey every month to help measure the progress of the training and offer advice as to how to make the skills really work in your company.


At Niche Training we understand that not all customer requirements are the same. Some may want more specialised service while other may want the process to be simplified. The Bespoke category is for customers who would like the micro learning programme to be designed to fit their requirements.

Your investment can be an annual payment, or, for 26 or more delegates, by monthly debit order.

Training Programme

The courses last for 52, 26 or 13 weeks and can be started at any time. Each video is a stand alone skill so you do not need to have completed week 1 to start at week 2. It is important that the whole team are on the course at the same stage so that the skills can be discussed and monitored at the weekly meetings. Additional members of staff who join the team after the start of the programme will start in the middle without missing anything and they will then continue with the first part of the programme after the end of the 52, 26 or 13 weeks. For instance, you may start the programme in June and a new member starts when the rest of the team are at week 6. The new member will start at week 6 and then do weeks 1 to 5 after they have completed week 52, 26 or 13.

Training Videos

Each delegate will receive a video in their email on Tuesday and Thursday each week for the period of the course. The videos are between 3 and 5 minutes long and outline a different skill that can be applied easily until it is absorbed. The videos are specially recorded for these programmes and are lively, interesting and up to date. Together they cover the training required to dramatically improve the delegate’s skills which will improve the profitability of the company.

Supervisor’s Instruction Videos

Supervisors and Managers also need training to help them supervise the implementation of the skills being learnt by the delegates. In the gold package the supervisors get an additional video on the Friday prior to the Tuesday and Thursday videos that the team will receive. This video give the supervisor or manager a “heads up” about the skills that the team will be receiving in the following week to make sure the skills are implemented and the results measured.

Delegates' Workbook

The gold package also includes a workbook for each delegate. This book includes details of each training session. The book is designed for the delegate to take notes for discussion at the weekly meetings. You can also use the workbook to ensure that each delegate has actually watched the training videos and has started to apply the skills.

Monthly Quiz

At the end of each cycle of eight videos (four weeks) there will be a simple quiz that each delegate will complete to remind them of the key issues that have been discussed. The results of these quizzes will be recorded and be available for the managers. The delegates will have to pass the quizzes to get a certificate.


Each delegate will receive a certificate on the successful completion of the Micro Learning Programme.

Manager’s Skype Calls

To enhance the programme and really make sure that the skills are working for your team, in the platinum programme there is also an option for each group of managers to have a 20 minute Skype call with Richard Mulvey every month to help measure the progress of the training and offer advice as to how to make the skills really work in your company.

Micro Learning Programmes Available

Micro-learning solutions are specific to the skills required and the following courses are available:

52 Weeks

•    Sales Update for Sales Reps
•    Sales Update for Internal Sales
•    Sales Management Update
•    Advanced Selling and Key Account Management
•    Practical Management Update
•    Practical Leadership Update

26 Weeks

•    Negotiation Skills
•    Presentation Skills
•    Customer Service
•    Retail Selling

13 Weeks

•    Decision Making
•    Time Management
•    Handling Objections / Closing the Sale
•    Creating the Right Impression
•    Better Communication
•    Managing Stress
•    Selling at your Higher Price
•    Managing Meetings
•    Managing Change in the workplace


The course is informative, motivating and entertaining at the same time. As a company, we will be definitely implementing these principals for our sales staff. Thank you.

Nicholas Queisser, Managing Director

This course is well worth doing, as I refreshed my selling approach and learnt new skills and tips to improve myself, which will help with my sales budgets. It is a good thing that the course was done on a daily basis, as this enabled me to practice in stages. Mr Mulvey’s presentations are very professional, and I definitely benefited by attending.

Arnold Niewoudt
RBF Technology

They are dynamic practical and very useable. We are always excited and motivated with the possibility of new ways to increase sales and service.

Sandi McCormick
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