The Golden Rolodex – Social Media for Financial Services

The Golden Rolodex – Social Media for Financial Services

By Charlotte Kemp

This book was written to encourage the financial services sector to embrace the opportunities of new media and to begin to utilize the many great features available to both grow their own databases as well as to put a human face to a complex and intimidating industry.

Using tools as varied as Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare and YouTube, those in the financial services industry can educate clients both before and after a sale, to reinforce the value of the products and services provided.  As more people turn to the internet for answers, we need to learn how to anticipate and provide those solutions so that they find our services. Furthermore, social media and the interaction available, allows for the whole process of financial planning to be demystified and for clients and prospects to begin to trust the industry.

Valued at R60, the book is available as a complimentary copy to financial advisors or those in the industry.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, please send an email to requesting it and providing your postal address.

Charlotte Kemp had her corporate start in the financial services industry and has worked for and trained, banks, insurance companies, financial firms and advisors.

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