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The future is not what it used to be

How many emails have you written today? 10? 50? 100? more? Can you imagine working without email?

You had better get used to the idea, in five years time, there will be no email.

Don’t believe me? Twenty-Two years ago when I first started to teach salespeople how to sell, I would ask “How many people have an email address and less than 10% of any audience would put up their hands. Five years later those same people would not be able to do business without and email address.

Last week I asked an audience of over 100 people how many were communicating with their customers using Skype or instant messaging and about 10% of the audience put up their hands. In five years time those same people will be wondering how they managed without WhatsApp, or whatever app we will be using to communicate. Email is slowly dying out and while we may still have a system in place (just as we still have a postal system in place) the majority of our communication will be instant.

Now is the time to start the process. When you meet with a new customer ask for their Skype address, get their cell number from them and get permission to contact them using WhatsApp. Ask how they like to communicate and encourage them to accept your Skype calls or Zoom or whatever software is most common in your area.

In 2014 a company in the UK decided to see if Skype really works, so they encouraged half of their sales team to make contact with their customers via Skype and the other 50% used the traditional methods of communication. At the end of the year, a customer survey was completed and the customers who had mostly Skype contact with the sales person could not remember whether they had Skype meetings or face to face. The end result is the same.

Imagine how much traveling time you could save if half of your meetings were via Skype? What about all your meetings?

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