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Automated Tweets, The New Norm?

How are you sending out tweets to your clients? Most business twitter accounts nowadays resort to automated tweets to keep “in touch” with their potential clients. We all agree that when we give a certain brand attention, the least you expect is some sort of response from the other end. For that reason, an automated tweet has become the new norm to help put the client at ease, knowing that their presence on your social platform has been acknowledged.

The question here is, Is an automated tweet a good idea?
Automated tweets are faster, customers do not feel neglected and it also helps save the company’s image. All these factors are good but they only work out for your business. Do your customers feel valued enough by it to return for more of your services?

It is true that we seldom have time to reply to a simple sms. Also, when we’re out of the office we don’t want to keep our followers waiting for a day or two before reading something from us. In a different case a client could be sending out a tweet of complaint and he receives an automated tweet from your company on their timeline, which only results in upsetting the client more because they feel like their complaint is being ignored.

When running a business the main objective is to make sure that your clients keep coming back for more and at the same time to introduce your brand to their surroundings.
A client does feel more valued when a brand that they are very fond of interacts with them. But it is better if it is personal. Chances are, they will tweet to your company about how much they appreciate your services which makes their followers aware of how much they could also benefit from you.
In the long run, the attention will be good for business for your company.
Social media platforms make it easier for you to create awareness around your product; how much of your company is being shared and what of your company is being shared and most importantly, how often is it being shared?

So, yes, automated tweets keep your clients aware of your brand, when you don’t constantly have the time to sit in front of your computer to interact with them but it is also important to send personal tweets to your client to thank them for the follow to make them aware of how much you value them.

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